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If you have a problem with your basement or crawlspace, these guys are the ones to call. Seriously, these guys are the ONLY ones I'd recommend to friends and family. And I did a TON of research in this field and got consultations from multiple companies prior to dealing with Basement Systems of Indiana, and none of them even came close to their level.  Here was my situation:I'm a first time home-buyer with mold and water in my crawlspace of the house I was interested in purchasing. But when my home inspector discovered those issues, I was not going to close on the house unless I was sure those issues could be remediated.I was even more leery of buying the home after I learned that the previous owner had already used a different company to try to fix the issues prior to selling it. Before Basement Systems showed up, I was ready to walk on the deal and look for another home because I wasn't sure it really could be fixed. My initial consultant from Basement Systems, Curtis Whitlow, handled my consultation and gave me an honest and legitimate assessment after a very thorough inspection. And he did so without shady or high-pressure sales tactics. He is a straight shooter and the difference was immediately apparent. Here's what I mean: Prior to talking with Curtis, I had had consultations with several different companies and none of them were positive. One "consultant" literally stuck his head in my crawlspace, looked at me and said: "it's gonna cost ya 20 grand and my partner is usually the guy who handles the mold...we can spray some stuff on it." That was the entire inspection. It was shady. Another competitor's "solution" wasn't going to solve the underlying problem which caused the mold. So it was a temporary fix at best...that would have cost me even more than Basement Systems. Had I gone that route, I'd be fighting mold and water again and again. Basement systems of Indiana changed all that. And I'm glad they did. Because they are a main reason why I now own my dream home. Basement Systems of Indiana handled this situation quickly, cleanly and professionally. Based on their work, it made sense to buy the home because I was confident they had addressed it. Throughout the process Basement Systems of Indiana were honest, professional and worked extremely hard in turning my crawlspace around. What's even more satisfying is these guys took pride in doing the work and really gave it their best effort. My foreman on the job, Dylan McGraw was excellent in explaining the solution and he informed me on any decisions that needed to be made. They were all extremely knowledgeable and quickly and efficiently solved my issue. He literally told me "if this is my house, here's how I would do it.." on multiple issues during the job. That's what you want to hear. Please note that I'm giving this review honestly and receive no benefit from this company. I have no incentive, financially or otherwise to do this. Had my experience been negative, I wouldn't hesitate to call them out because this issue is TOO IMPORTANT TO TAKE LIGHTLY. Bottom line is: Basement System of Indiana did it right. And I will happily recommend them to friends and family if they ever have the same issues that I did.
Ryan M. of Vevay, IN
Friday, May 29th
Testimonial Photo by Norman D.
Super happy with the work that they did. I have had a lot of problems with construction crews in the past, but was amazed by the work that Basement Systems of Indiana did in such a timely manner. Appreciated all the hard work and how much they explained about the actual product. I appreciated how they took the extra time to tack back up some of his siding that had come unattached.
Norman D. of Connersville, IN
Thursday, February 27th
Testimonial Photo by Eula T.
Basement Systems of Indiana truly impressed us with their expertise and integrity! We did our due diligence and had 3 companies come out to assess repairs for our basement's water issues. After interviewing all 3 companies and their quotes for the work, we decided to go with Basement Systems of Indiana. A minor issue came up when the foreman (Todd) and his crew arrived to start the project. He stated that to do the job right, they would need to cut the drywall we had just installed. We were told in the initial quote that this wasn't necessary, so were a bit upset. Todd immediately contacted the GM (Jeff) who promptly came to the property. After reviewing the area himself, Jeff agreed that to do the job right, they would have no choice but to cut part of the drywall; however, he said he will take care of the cost to repair it. The crew got straight to work. I can’t say enough kind things about Todd and his crew who were always polite and professional. We tried not to interfere, but wanted to keep an eye on things to see how they were progressing (we'd had a bad experience with another company before). It was never a problem. When asked, they would stop and show us things and answer any questions we had along the way. If all the crews work as this one did, then you will be in excellent hands! I highly recommend this company!
Eula T. of Shelbyville, IN
Tuesday, April 14th
Testimonial Photo by Matt G.
Holden Nelson and his crew (Gary & Cory) did an incredible job on our basement. They were extremely efficient, did an amazing job cleaning up afterwards, and most importantly they did a full walk-through with us through our basement explaining everything that they did and what the improvements to our basement was going to accomplish. It was an honor working with them.
Matt G. of Indianapolis, IN
Monday, August 31st
Testimonial Photo by Skye W.
Your work has greatly improved the quality of our lives!!
Skye W. of Indianapolis, IN
Thursday, July 23rd
Testimonial Photo by Bill M.
Joe and the guys from Basement Systems of Indiana did a fantastic job on our crawl space!
Bill M. of Peru, IN
Friday, August 21st
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